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    Students love it!                          I've been showing off your product to everyone and they all think it's amazing!  I think this thing is going to get crazy popular. I'm already in-love with mine and now I want the paperback version too.

Students love it!

Eugene, Oregon student

Around the House
I did not do any reading for a while then one morning while sitting on the couch trying to eat a bowl of cereal and read at the same time... I remembered my SoloReader! It worked great and I've been using it ever since. 

Around the House Reading

Half Moon Bay, California

Snuggle-up Reading
I use my solo-reader while reading to my children. It allows me to have one arm around my son so we can snuggle while easily holding the book I am reading to him.

Snuggle-up Reading

It is so easy to turn the pages with the hinged clear cover. We love it!

Santa Rosa, California mom

For the Professional

I am a corporate consultant specializing in negotiation, mediation, and intervention. Because of my work I am reading and writing every day using my Solo Reader and its Easel Stand.

It has been like a good friend holding my research books upright and the pages wide open without breaking the bindings. Now I'm really spoiled. I don't know what I'd do without it.

Daniel Tocchini
Healdsburg, California

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